Friday, September 13

Recipe: White Peach and Blackberry Crumble

i was so excited to find time to bake this week! i find baking and cooking so relaxing and such a good stress reliever, especially when i am making something new and it ends up being delicious! 
lately i've been obsessed with crumbles. i found this one here and it was so yummy!

Monday, September 9

Weekend Photos....

to say its been a busy couple of weeks would be an understatement. the new school year started and teaching high schoolers full time really takes it out of you! i've been getting through the weeks by looking forward to amazing weekends. we spent the last few weekends rotating between the beach, mountains, and back to the beach. there is nothing quite like sitting in the sand, looking out at the water, and feeling like work is a billion miles away! 
even though it's monday, we are already planning our next weekend adventure :)

Wednesday, August 21

DIY: Succulent Garden

i've wanted to add little succulents to our house for a while now. last week i finally had a free afternoon and decided to give it a try. Things you need: vase (i used pots from anthropologie and mini mason jars), small rocks, soil, succulents. Add a thin layer of rocks to the bottom of the vase, fill half way with soil, arrange succulents, add more soil and you are done!  

Monday, August 19

Recipe: Peach and Creme Fraiche Tart

desserts with peaches are one of my weaknesses. i loved this tart because the peaches are kept fresh, if fact there is no baking involved at all! and it doesn't even feel like eating a dessert, but more like a fresh, healthy breakfast! the crust tastes like a lara bar and the cream with the peaches is to die for! everyone should make this! :)

Monday, July 22

Trip to Europe...Part 3

old town bern, switzerland

i can't believe that is has already been over two weeks since we got back from europe. it all seems like a dream now. (part 1, part 2)

interlaken, switzerland

the most picturesque little town in the alps 

lauterbrunnen, switzerland

the sound of music?

of course every day involved pastries

paragliders in the alps

glacial lake in interlaken, switzerland